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We prepare software for different PLC and NC systems:
Siemens, Bosch Rexroth, CoDeSys, OpCon and more

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Have you an individual automation requirement?
We will be pleased to help.

Direkt zu Leistung » Engineering


Drilling, grinding or brushing - processing machines as required

Direkt zu Leistung » Machining


Testing systems for different applications

Direkt zu Leistung » Testing


Measuring devices for different tasks

Direkt zu Leistung » Measurement

Machine Tools

Modernisation and overhauling of machine tools in particular grinding machines

Direkt zu Leistung » Machine Tools


Applications in the assembly technology

Direkt zu Leistung » Assembly


Retrofit is the solution if your machine is too pitiful to throw it away but in its current state, not effective enough. The mechanics of older machines are mostly still in good to very good condition. Yet in the control and handler field, they may be outdated enough so that failure rates are frequent and there are no more repair parts available.

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Control Cabinets

We design, maufacture and install control cabinet systems in different building forms according to specific requirements and operational standards.

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Vision Machine Solutions

Image processing systems improve and assure the quality, allow higher production rates and reduce costs of the manufacturing.

Quality control without such technology is today out of date.

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Application of different robots according to customer specifications

Direkt zu Leistung » Robotics


Customized developed serial-produced instruments

Direkt zu Leistung » Products

Trade Fair Models

We develop and deliver the control technology for your trade fair model.

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Machines and installations for the packaging of products

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