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Testing systems for different applications


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Test bench for windshield wipers


Basin for leak test


Test bench for axle blower


water bath leak testing for automatic gears with ultrasonic system.

Bubble test by operator
One of the biggest advantages of this bubble test in the water bath by an operator is that with this method the leak is not only detected but immediately localised too. Therefore the original reason for the leakage may be found very quickly. The most common operator less leak detection methods only check for the existence of a leakage but can not localise it. In addition the bubble test is one of the most sensitive methods under real production boundary conditions as shown by experiments.

Subjective and bad test conditions
The big problem of operator testing is the fact that the result depends on the operator and is therefore subjective in general. In many cases the conditions for the bubble test are not really good – dirty water, bad illumination and low contrast between bubbles and background. All this leads to unreliability of bubble test by operator. The result is a decreasing acceptance of this method, especially in the automotive industry.

Ultrasonic-Leak-Testing –
The new dimension of bubble testing in water bath

By means of ultrasound these disadvantages can be overcome without loosing the advantage of localisation. In addition the sensitivity can be further increased, if necessary, while even very small bubbles can be detected which is hardly done by the operator. In many cases Ultrasonic-Leak-Testing can be compared with test gas methods.